It’s all about the Two of You….


Planning a holiday with a loved one is always an exciting time.


We understand there are a few more considerations to take into account when you’re choosing your holiday destination. Laws and attitudes around the world vary considerably from those in the UK and these are constantly altering. 


Our team of experts keep up to date with changing laws and have in-depth knowledge regarding cultural sensitivities around the world in order to provide you with the most reliable information.


If you want a chilled out break or a touch of Mediterranean magic you can reach some of the most popular LGBTQ friendly destinations in just a few hours from the UK.


Myknonos, Gran Canaria, Malta and Ibiza all offer fantastic weather and nightlife.


For something a bit further afield why not consider…


New York, Florida, Thailand or Mexico – Fabulous for some Winter Sunshine!


We can also arrange Weddings in a variety of destinations.


Call us or make an appointment today and let us find a holiday to suit your taste and budget.

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